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Welcome to the FittleBug Playground. Here is where you can demo the Administration and the Consumer side of the program. There are certain things that you MUST KNOW to make your way around. The demo is designed to refresh all the changes at Midnight.

The Admin, where you can change all aspects of the program, can be found at Enter 'demo' for both the username and password.

The Consumer side is the URL at the top of the page. When testing, register first (upper right), this way you will receive the automated emails of your test bookings. If you have any questions call 630-444-2000 or email

Choose from the list of available services below. Once you have made your service selections, click the SCHEDULE NOW button to schedule and confirm your appointment. It's that easy!

Hover over anywhere you see a BLUE QUESTION MARK ICON  to get more information on that particular area to help you make your decisions... 
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2 Rooms of carpet cleaned for $141

2 Rooms of carpet cleaned for $141

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All Consumers can choose a Special, which is different than a Promotion, where the promo code must be known.

Demo Site Only!

Please note: This site resets every night at midnight. All data created will be overwritten.

Welcome to the FittleBug Test Drive

To enter put in Zip Code 60174

PLEASE read the instruction at the top of the next page

Please enter the zip code of the service location